Leasing versus Buying Quick Facts!

Leasing Buying
Requires almost no down payment. Requires some down payment/collateral.
Lower monthly payments. Higher payments applicable for uncertanity
New vehicle every 2 to 4 years at a lower premium. Same vehicle will be required to be kept for longer periods
Zero capital expenditure, knowledge of exact budget cost per annum. Very high capital investment. Money utilized not for core-business development. Buying here always raises a big?
Additional insurance cover provided with added services like breakdown assistance... Standard insurance policy, zero additional benefits.
Zero depreciation costs. Highly depreciating and Toxic asset.
Service, maintenance, registration, 24 road side assistance, tyre changes, 24 hours accident replacement. & replacement vehicle all included. Zero downtime Risk of uncertainty related to service, maintenance and breakdown cost, in addition to uncertainty because of accident downtime, no replacement, Loss of business time/income due to vehicle being 'off the road'.
Flexibility of return dates with preagreed applicable charges Hassle to sell off and settlement with bank/finance houses.
In any economic change - leasing is the best solution. In an economic crisis - business future uncertain.
No additional employment costs. Employment of staff costs - Fleet corrdinator, time to address vehicle related issue... etc

Why lease with KVL?
KVL plays an important role in providing vital assistance and HASSLE FREE services in order to make your Lease more productive and enjoyable.

All our vehicle provided are serviced only at the dealership service centers with genuine parts and trained professionals. The service is planned in such a way that the end user can visit any of E.K.Kanoo dealership service centers across the Kingdom and relay first-hand about the leased vehicle service and maintenance requirements, thereby ensuring the needful is action from an end-user point of view.

KVL is one of the only leasing companies in the Kingdom where any repair, service or maintenance required is carried out by the dealership service centers.


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