Safety Driving Tips

Use the appropriate left or right indicators well in advance when turning or changing lanes. This will allow the vehicle behind, and in front of you sufficient time to make necessary adjustments to accommodate your change in lanes. Avoid forcing your way onto another lane as this can sometimes cause angry or aggressive reactions.

Be calm and thoughtful when others make a mistake or deliberately cut you off. Needless to say this comes only with practice. Learn to keep your joy and not give it away when put in a challenging situation when on the road, this will help avoid accidents.

It is important to have a clear vision and hearing, and be alert and responsive. Never drive when under the influence or if one has taken any medication that can cause drowsiness. These can all cause you to become careless.

The city roads are made up of a large number of traffic signs, vehicles, and pedestrian crossing. Pay attention to your surrounding and drive within the indicated limits as activity in the city changes every minute.

Never use your mobile to text or call when driving, pull over safely to the side of the road. If pulling over is not convenient, install a hands-free system. Majority of accidents are as a result of inattentive drivers using their cell phones when driving.

Checking the tyre pressure on a fortnightly basis can potentially reduce the risk of an incident, in addition to preserving the longevity of the tires. It is especially recommended to check tyres during changes in weather and driving conditions

It is a very well-known fact that seat belts can save lives in the event of an accident. Securely fastening yourself and fellow passengers can substantially lower the risk of fatalities and major injuries

Always maintain safe distance while driving on busy roads or highways. This will add precious milliseconds to your reaction time and provide you sufficient leeway to brake and avoid any major incidents

Using dipper lights on well-lit inner roads will reduce the risk of accidents and fatalities for oncoming traffic. It also avoids discomfort to other road users. Use the high beam lights only if and when the necessity arises or when you require extensive coverage of the road ahead of you for a section with no street lights

Park your vehicle in well-lit surroundings especially during the night, so as to avoid any unfortunate incidents. Also, be well aware of the surroundings and do not hesitate to contact the authorities if you suspect any un-frivolous activities

At the beginning of every journey, it is always advisable to check and align your side and rear view mirrors. There is always the faint possibility that they might have moved during/after your last journey

It is legally required for children and infants to always travel in suitable securely-fastened child/baby seats in the rear passenger seat of your vehicle. It is necessary to comply with this road regulation to avoid traffic fines also potential injury and fatalities.

It is advisable to have emergency contact numbers such as breakdown assistance, hospitals and family doctors handy in case of an emergency. In the event of an accident, this will can assist the emergency medical response unit to secure information and provide the right assistance. In addition, have your mobile phones loaded with ”ICE” (in case of emergency) contact details who can be friends or family members.

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